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the 19 year old was quote "used" by his 26 year old brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. but the hierarchy in the bombing plot is still unclear. we are also learning that federal public defenders have agreed to represent the surviving suspect. the office set to represent the suspect says a lawyer should be appointed as soon as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possible interrogation." now that dzhokar tsarnaev is in custody the world is waiting to see what's next for the 19-year-old. stacey cohan has the very >> reporter: a five-day nightmare for the entire boston area concluded friday night as 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev was found and captured -- from his hiding place -- a boat in the backyard of a watertown home. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene. we had tactical people to close the scene down and secure it. we took our time to make sure that everyone was safe >> reporter: police launched a massive manhunt late thursday -- chasing dzhokar and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev -- who later died in a shootout with police. when dzhokar was found -- the blo
if authorities hadn't stopped tsarnaev and his older brother, tamerlan. >> "we have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive ordinance that was unexploded and the fire power that, they had that they were going to attack other individuals." >> reporter: in 2011, the f- b-i says it interviewed tamerlan, after russian authorities alerted the u-s government. the elder tsarnaev then made a six-month trip to russia in 2012, but his exact whereabouts and activities are unclear. >> "the ball was dropped in one of two ways, the fbi missed a lot of things is one potential answer, or our laws do not allow the fbi to follow-up in a sound, solid way." tamerlan's youtube channel linked to a video featuring a well-known jihadist. who was killed by russian forces last december. there is no evidence tamerlan was associated with any international jihadist groups. >> "you feel a little safer right now, knowing that the ones that did it aren't here anymore, and now it's just about trying to move on and put the pieces together and get ready for next year."
continues in the aftermath and we know that we never really knew tamerlan. the family asks for privacy. for more on this, we go to more information. >> reporter: the second suspect in the bombings is recovering in the hospital, and the question as to why the two brothers allegingedly set the bombs off is still not answered. >> reporter: the parents of the two suspects live in russia. the father was angry when he spoke about the death of his he would defendant son. and he still stands by his two boys. >> somebody framed them. i don't know who exactly did it, but somebody did. and being cowards, they shot the boy dead. >> reporter: the mother says both sons are religions and describes them as -- are relig religious and describes them as peaceful. in the meantime, three people who are possibly connected to them have been taken into custody for questioning. investigators are trying to gather as much information as possible. >> the u.s. attorneys office will prepare a complaint which will be an affidavit by an fbi agent which will late out the basics of the case against him. he will then
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3